Past Research

COVID-19 Vaccine and Menstrual Health in Adolescents: This study evaluated the relationship between administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, inflammatory markers, and menstrual cycle characteristics and health in adolescent girls.

Central Pain Mechanisms in Primary Dysmenorrhea: This study examined both excitatory and inhibitory pain mechanisms in adolescent girls and young adult women with and without primary dysmenorrhea.

A Behavioral Intervention for Pain Catastrophizing in Primary Dysmenorrhea: This pilot study examined the initial feasibility and acceptability of a brief group intervention for reducing pain catastrophizing in young adult women with primary dysmenorrhea.

Puberty & Gender Differences in Pain Responsivity: This study investigated the role of puberty in the developmental trajectory of gender differences in pain responsivity from childhood to adulthood, and the parent/child pain relationship.

Emotion Regulation and Pain Responsivity in Children: This project examined the relationship between emotion regulation and pain responses to laboratory pain tasks in healthy children and children with chronic pain and their parents.